Mels Boom (Nijmegen, 1943): designer, ceramist and writer. I studied design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (1970) and law at Utrecht University (1979). Besides my job as a designer I studied marketing (1983) and organized an international design award (1998-2006). My passion is to express myself. I do that through ceramics, painting, writing and photography.

My first introduction to ceramics was at the Design Academy, where I was taught by Henk Verberkmoes. At my graduation I received the Mosa Award in 1970 for lamps in ceramics. After having worked as a designer for many years, I chose ceramics as important activity in 1997, took lessons (Dorothée Vrijdag), followed a number of workshops (Delorme, Rosenzweig, Rossman, Koj, Ostermann), did an artist-in-residence in Rufford and started exhibiting (including e.g. Theemaas, le Pignon, New Beerenburg, ceramics markets).

I am and have been also active in other areas of ceramics: I was webmaster of, Dutch ceramics link site, I was chairman of the Clay & Hobby Foundation and editor of the Dutch ceramic magazine KLEI. In this magazine for amateur and professional ceramists I wrote mainly on technical subjects. One of those is the series Decoration Techniques. With these articles I endeavour to inspire readers and stimulate them to ‘step outside their ceramic frame of mind’.

Meanwhile, three books of mine on decorating techniques and basic techniques have been published.

You may visit my gallery by appointment.